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The actor in this sketch real name is called Keegan-Michael Key. He is an American comic actor best known for his roles as a cast member on MADtv for six seasons. In this sketch he acts as a person who is semi psychotic and wants to charged with lots of felony but not bank robbery. Another example of irony and idiosyncrasies.

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Ultimate Fighting Championship involves many top rank fighters who each know a type of martial arts or several types of martial arts who fight to rather submission or knock out. In this sketch by Mad TV Bobby Lee, Tito Ortiz,and Jordan Peele acts in a sketch about a deodorant commercial. However, Jordan Peele always ends up severely hurt after Tito Ortiz kicks him.

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Did you guys know that visual expressions are the one of easiest things to get people laughing. It is also one of the most effective.If you are Big Bang theory fan then you will love this video. It is one of the most funniest Big Bang theory scenes. I laugh at this every time, I see this.

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MADtv is an American sketch comedy television series. This skit talks about two brown guys trying to start a fight but one guy ends up showing homo tendencies. It is really funny trust me.

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A much more spectacular performance than the robot dance video posted previously. Since this is the finale for the competition. The two robot dancers has increased the difficulty for the dance moves. There are some of the dance moves which involve doing the wave with the whole body, moving your head and body synchronized, and etc..

Deal or no Deal is a television game show which involves several briefcases where the contestant has to guess and choose the the brief case which has the million dollars and then he will guess and choose briefcases which has the lowest value and make deals whether to accept it or to continue guessing and choosing.

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