Sunday, December 16, 2012

Acoustic Sweet Spot

Leonard and his girlfriend "Stephanie" goes on a date at the movie theaters. However, Sheldon ends up joining their date and revealing more of his essentric behaviour to Stephanie. Leonard describes this essentric behaviour to be finding the accoustic sweet spot. Despite Sheldon's awkwardness, Sheldon needs to find the perfect spot which he feels comfortable with when making a weird sound.

The Hair Cut Experience

A sketch from Spoken Reasons taking a new hair cut at a salon which he hears is fresh and legit from two guys who were waiting to get their hair cut. Spoken Reasons sleeps while he is getting his hair cut. Unsurprisingly the hair stylist uses number 1 blade to cut his forehead. Spoken Reasons finds out his hair cut was messed up and refuses to pay. The hair stylist brings out his gun and steals all of his money.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I Said Bitch

Anyone have any experience talking badmouthing your wife or girlfriend? Key and Peele shows you what it is like to talk bad about your wife or girlfriend. They would go far enough to call there women bitch right behind their backs.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hypnosis is when a person uses something which distracts the mind to tricking the mind to follow what the other person says. In this sketch, three guys talk about hypnosis. The phrase to unhypnotize the person came out to be a surprise.

Scary Clown 3D TV Prank

The just for laugh pranks involves one guy as the sales man and the other as a clown who hides behind the TV. While the sales man distracts the person who is going to be pranked, the clown replaces the screen and sets up a white background and gets ready to scare the customer into the TV is more than just 3D.